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August 15, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

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Written by: Michael Boatman
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Welcome to Hell. Well…not so much. I’m new to the blogging world so bear with me. In the future I hope to provide links to stories I’ve published, novel excerpts, television and film stuff and a whole lot more. For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve appeared in feature films like Hamburger Hill, Woman Thou art Loosed, The Peacemakerand The Glass Shield. I co-starred in the ABC series China Beach, back before the Dawn of human history. More recently, most folks know me from six seasons as Michael J. Fox’s best friend, Carter Heywood, on the ABC series SPIN CITY. I also co-starred on th HBO series ARLI$$, with Robert Wuhl. I can be spotted in the season opener of HUFF on Showtime, as well as in the indie comedyKalamazoo? and the upcoming ABC musical Once Upon a Mattress,with Carol Burnett and Tracy Ullman.

My short stories have been published in Horror GarageRevenant: A Horror AnthologyRed Scream, and in the upcoming anthologies Dark Dreams II, from Kensington Books; Sages and Swords, from Pitch Black Books and Daikaiju! II: Return of The Giant Monster Tales!from Agog! Press. I hope to provide excerpts from these stories to readers soon. And watch out for my film projects. (More on them later.)

So, let’s talk, about books, stories, movies and all the things that go bump in the Night. I like to make my readers laugh their heads off and then scare the shit out of them. Black Comedies are my thing, horror is my thing.

Let’s get spooky, shall we?

Michael Boatman (The Prince of Space)

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